• Dan Widdowson

Making a map

I started creating a map today using the included tilesets but I couldn't really achieve a rough version of what I wanted. I bought a modern interior tileset pack from steam to get a better picture of what I'm shooting for. I learned some stuff along the way. For example, I learned that you had to make it so that you can't just walk through/over certain objects by disabling the function in the tileset menu. I'm also wondering about the tile sizes and the way they interact with each other. For example, in order to have a computer tile rest on a desk tile you'd have to plan that accordingly so they match. If that makes sense? Just something to think about when I make my own stuff. Also, the sketches below are based on my memory of the office space I want to replicate. They're pretty accurate. However, most of the existing tilesets seem to be forward facing, which I guess makes sense. This isn't necessarily a problem. The rooms don't have to be completely accurate to my memory, I don't know why I thought they should be. They should be designed for efficiency. If I have to turn my designs around or completely redesign them that's fine. I'll also need to design my tiles to match the size of my sprites, which I intend to be bigger than the chibi style sprites that exist in RPG maker. Lots to think about. Maybe the next step is working out how large my sprite will be and design my tiles around that so that the proportions are correct. Ugh, there's just so much to think about here.

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