• Dan Widdowson

Inspiration/Reference gathering

I want to use pixel art for the game itself because it makes utilising the game engine a bunch easier. If I were to create high resolution, painted-style assets I'd have to increase the game size by a lot. I still may yet take this route, but first I need to make a map in the game engine, using the existing assets. I want my sprites to be larger than the sprites in the game, which is fine because RPG maker allows for this. Luckily a community has been producing plugins, tutorials and scripts for years so I don't need to figure this stuff out alone. I'd like my animations to have more frames than the standard too, to pretty up the game. I think any art style can be saved or elevated by good animation, and while my skills in animation are rusty and not great, I don't feel like I should compromise on that. Below is a bunch of reference and inspiration images gathered for animation and art styles. They're all top down perspective, which my game will be.

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